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CBT Training

On the journey to becoming a fully licensed motorcyclist every trainee must first take a Compulsory Basic Training course. On this course we will take you through the basics of motorcycling in a day, teaching you all the foundations and knowledge that can be built upon at a later stage.

Our off road training centre is amongst the largest in the country, and we have a team of experienced instructors waiting to guide you
through CBT.

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125cc & 400cc Motorcycle Training

If you wish to train on 125cc motorbikes you must have passed your Motorcycle Theory, have a valid CBT certificate, and be over the age of 17. If you qualify on all this criteria then you can sign up for our “A1″ Full Licence Motorcycle Training. Upon completion you will be able to ride motorcycles up to 125cc on any road.

To gain access to 400cc motorcycles you must qualify on the same criteria but also be over 19 years of age. If so you can then take our “A2″ Direct Access Course (19+) or our “A” Direct Access Course (24+), upon completion both of these courses will enable you to ride 400cc motorcycles on any road.

DAS – The Direct Access Course

Our Direct Access Course allows anyone over the age of 24 to train and gain experience on motorcycles up to 600. During this course we will also provide you with mock tests to help you gain experience before taking your full licence test. At ProBike we are committed in
providing a safe environment in which you can learn and develop as a rider.

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Motorcycle Theory Test

As mentioned before you are required to have completed your Motorcycle Theory Test before participating in any of our more advanced training courses. At ProBike we will guide you through the theory, providing you with all the training required to help you pass both
your multiple choice theory test and your hazard perception test.

Your theory test can be taken at the test centre of your choice and also in the language of your choice if English is not your first language.

Moped & Scooter Training

We can provide Moped and Scooter Training for any first time rider over the age of 16. This will help ease your transition into learning on motorcycles.

Advanced Motorbike Training

After gaining your full licence we recommend taking part in our Advanced Motorbike Training to help you develop as a rider. In a one-to-one session with one of our expert instructors we will train you up on some of the more unusual roads of North Wales. This will give you invaluable experience away from our off road test centre.

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